East Fremantle Residence

East Fremantle
Date of Installation: 2022

Dimensions: 12000 mm Length x 1700 mm Height

As part of a full house and garden renovation, O2 Plant Walls achieved a transformative result with this East Fremantle project in 2022, undertaking a comprehensive residential vertical garden installation. From design to completion, O2 took charge of the process, creating a blend of aesthetics and functionality. The pool and decking received a stunning makeover, featuring individual Bali stone tiles and composite decking, while the feature standout was the expansive O2 Plant Wall stretching the length of the infinity-edge swimming pool.

O2 implemented a custom bracing system for the plant wall to ensure stability and longevity – an innovative solution given its proximity to the pool. The outcome was both visually striking and environmentally conscious, with our sustainable and water-wise approach ensuring the catchment and reuse of water, like all of our vertical gardens.

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