Dream Vertical Gardens in Perth

Welcome to O2 Plant Walls, where artistry meets nature to transform your spaces into tranquil havens. As a premier vertical gardens provider in Perth, we specialise in creating impactful living masterpieces that breathe life into Western Australia and its suburbs. Led by our head horticulturist with over two decades of expertise, our team ensures your vertical garden vision becomes a timeless, sustainable reality.

At O2 Plant Walls, our commitment goes beyond aesthetics to the heart of environmental sustainability. We understand that our clients desire more than visually appealing vertical gardens; they seek a dream garden aligned with their sophisticated spaces. Our dedication to sustainable solutions sets us apart, utilising innovative technologies and eco-friendly practices to create a thriving green living wall.


Initial Consult

We start with a personalised consultation to understand your vision for the ideal vertical garden. Through site visits, we analyse your needs, whether for a commercial space, a restoration, or a transformation in your home.

Designing Bespoke Masterpieces

With over 20 years of experience, our expert team creates stunning vertical gardens that surpass expectations. We ensure your ideal garden thrives as a captivating focal point, infusing designs with the spirit of Perth's vibrant heart to serene suburbs.

Crafting Nature’s Symphony

See your dream vertical garden brought to life by our skilled horticulturists. With advanced technology, our green walls autonomously manage watering and nutrient feeding for longevity with minimal maintenance.

Sustainable Maintenance

O2 Plant Walls goes beyond installation, offering the benefits of comprehensive maintenance programs to ensure the ongoing vitality of our vertical gardens. Our smart wall control technology takes care of the essentials, allowing you to enjoy the beauty without the hassle.